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Pentosin chf 11s High Performance Heavy Duty Oil Melbourne Australia.

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PX XTREME C3 5W-30  
Catgerogory : Engine Oils  
Size : 20L  
PX Technician Series Xtreme 5W-30 C3 is a fully synthetic engine oil that has been processed using the latest patented technology. Reinforced with a powerful additive package, PX Technician Series Xtreme is ideal for modern high output, low emission, super or turbo charged, DOHC or GDI engines that are commonly found in latest European and Japanese models.

With a naturally high viscosity index and low volatility, PX Technician Series Xtreme offers high performance, uncompromised protection to petrol or diesel engines. Due to its excellent anti oxidation property, PX Technician Series Xtreme exhibits extended drain intervals and potential fuel saving.

Applications/ Benefits
Improves engine performance.
Superior high temperature protection.
Excellent protection for Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF).

Approvals/ Specifications
ACEA: C2, C3
GM: Proprietary Fill- Diesel Only
Fiat: 9.55535-S1
Ford: WSS-M2C-946-A
Mercedes Benz: 229.31/ 229.51/ 229.52
BMW: Longlife 04
RTP : $239.65
Our Price : $217.99
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OEM Certificate Approval
OEM Certificate Approval
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Australian Lubricant supplier certified by ALA
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